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Cargo Digital Factory is the digital solution provider for ECS Group and its companies, and follows three clear principles: harmonize and standardize, digitalize and automate processes, and offer new services to customer airlines.
Launched in 2022, Wiremind Cargo is the cargo arm of the Wiremind Group, founded in 2014. With this division, the company is positioned in the field of freight with experts entirely dedicated to the needs of this industry and the development of dedicated tools. Those engineers come from the transport and logistics industries and know how to exploit technology in a truly meaningful way to create business value. Whether it is a GSA, a GHA, a freight forwarder or even an airline, Wiremind Cargo will be able to meet its needs in terms of inventory, reservations, capacity management, pricing, or revenue optimization.
Airfreight’s fastest growing digital enabler, CargoAi is on a mission to bring the best available technologies to air cargo. Led by airfreight industry experts, the company offers a complete range of digital solutions to freight forwarders, airlines, TMS providers and GSAs to drive every stage of the airfreight procurement process with greater efficiency and visibility.
Rotate helps airlines turn data into action and improve day-to-day commercial decision-making. The company combines state-of-the-art market data, cloud-based tools and analytics with expert support and training. Working with selected cargo airlines to build commercial decision-making tools and solutions, Rotate targets all domains that drive the commercial performance of airlines: from sales optimization and dynamic pricing to revenue management, contract management and revenue leakage.
Aerios’ vision is to connect air cargo charter professionals and carriers into a single digital workflow driven by real-time data. It is the first online platform to centralise air cargo charter operations and communications into a single tool. AI-driven data delivers actionable insights for better decision-making and market intelligence, enabling charter professionals, brokers, and carriers to connect and work together more efficiently and maximise revenue for all parties.


With its global expertise, CargoTech provides airlines, forwarders, GSAs, and GHAs with an expert consulting service on digital transformation or system upgrade. Rather than having to deal with individual CMS or platform providers, CargoTech customers benefit from a single contact capable of discussing a complete end-to-end digitalization plan and who can arrange for the provision of the right digital solutions.

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