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The only app letting forwarders manage 100% of their booking flow

With access to virtually every airline schedule, forwarders can manage their shipments anytime, anywhere and in seconds – schedules, rates, eQuote, eBooking, Track & Trace, CO2 calculator, and more, all from one place.

Ending the fragmented data landscape for logistics players

Logistics stakeholders from brand new airfreight start-ups, digital forwarders, TMSs, to established freight actors, can bypass lengthy integrations projects and fast-track their data connectivity with other players by integrating or customizing CargoCONNECT’s API suite with their own systems.

Actionable Business Intelligence to serve the airfreight community

Our unique position at the heart of the airfreight integrated ecosystem allows us to leverage the special datasets from advanced API carrier integrations, third party connections, and AI forecasting to give CargoINTEL an undisputed edge over legacy data providers.

Accelerating the digital adoption for airlines and GSAs

Airlines and GSAs can shortcut the heavy investment required to develop and maintain their own booking portal and leverage CargoGATE to offer their very own, cutting-edge digital platform in minutes, covering schedules, rates, eQuote, eBooking, track and trace, embedded payments, CO2 calculator, and more, complete with their branding.

Empowering the airfreight community to take climate action at an individual level

Infused as part of the daily air cargo procurement process, Cargo2ZERO’s sustainability tools – from the ‘Green’ search result filter, CO2 calculator, CO2 Efficiency Score & Dashboard, to the SAF Purchase option – allow each user the insight to make decisions at a booking level that result in visible climate impact.

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