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we create an environment where our members can coordinate their activities and create synergies aimed at accelerating the industry's digital transformation. We also provide funding for the development of new and complementary products

Cargo Digital Factory

Based in Paris, France, and launched in 2018 by ECS Group, Cargo Digital Factory consists of 10 air cargo industry and technology experts, an equal balance of men and women, and follows three clear principles: harmonize and standardize, digitalize and automate processes, and offer new services to customers.

By 2018, ECS Group’s rapid expansion across more than 50 countries had brought with it many different ways of working, encompassing heterogeneous processes and old systems. At the same time, airline partners outsourcing their business to ECS Group were expecting a consistent approach everywhere. ECS Group saw the clear need to harmonize, simplify, and standardize processes to increase efficiency. The Cargo Digital Factory (CDF) was launched to drive a full digital transformation.

Cedric Millet,
President of CargoTech and Chief Strategy & Digital Officer at ECS Group

Cedric Millet joined ECS Group in 2018 as Chief Strategy & Digital Officer to drive the transformation of the leading GSA. He brings with him 22 years of experience and expertise in the air cargo business. He started his career with Air France Cargo which then became Air France – KLM Cargo. After 13 years spent in the Franco-Dutch company (holding various positions in New York, Paris and Amsterdam), he joined Qatar Airways Cargo where he successively held the positions of Vice-President, Cargo Revenue Management & Pricing based in Doha and Head of Cargo – South Europe based in Paris.

Wiremind Cargo

Launched in 2022, Wiremind Cargo is the cargo arm of the Wiremind Group, founded in 2014. With this division, the company is positioned in the field of freight with experts entirely dedicated to the needs of this industry and the development of dedicated tools leveraging years of expertise in product development, data science and technical engineering. For airlines, forwarders and GSAs alike, Wiremind Cargo specializes in providing inventory, capacity management, pricing, or revenue optimization solutions to answer the industry’s needs

Nathanaël De Tarade,
CEO of Wiremind Cargo

Nathanaël de Tarade is one of the 3 Managing Directors and co-founders of Wiremind, in charge of the SaaS (software as a service) activity for airfreight. He has been with Wiremind for 6 years, and before that, worked for 6 years at Air France-KLM Cargo, being based successively in Paris, Atlanta (USA), Singapore, and finally Paris again.


Airfreight’s fastest growing digital enabler, CargoAi is on a mission to bring the best available technologies to airfreight. Led by airfreight industry experts, the company offers a complete range of digital solutions to freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs. Cloud-native and with an API-first architecture, CargoAi drives every stage of the airfreight procurement process with greater efficiency and visibility – from planning, booking, and executing shipments right through to monitoring cargo deliveries.

In 2022, CargoAi won Air Cargo News’ “Digital Innovation Award”, the highly acclaimed award for the “Innovative Logistics Solutions in Air Cargo” category at Air Cargo India, and its Cargo2ZERO solution was the Small Business Winner for TIACA’s Sustainability Award. CargoAi is headquartered in Singapore with teams in all continents.

Matthieu Petot,
CEO of CargoAi

Creative and driven by an innovative spirit, Matthieu Petot created CargoAi in 2019 with the vision of bringing best practices and technologies that were commonplace in other industries to air cargo. Starting with DB Schenker in Australia, followed by over 6 years working in Air France KLM Cargo and Martinair based in New York and Paris, and finally Dyson in Singapore; these experiences were integral to setting his sights on transforming the air cargo industry through innovation and digitalization.


Founded on 1 June 2022 in The Netherlands, Rotate’s core function is to build digital solutions that make intelligent use of the vast amount of data that is produced and stored within the air cargo industry every day. Insights gleaned from this data can greatly support airline customers in making commercial and operational decisions. Rotate currently consists of six data and technology experts who have decades of proven experience in the field of cargo data and analytics. “Turning data into action” is the company motto.

Gert-Jan Jansen
Founder of Rotate

Gert-Jan previously co-founded and led Seabury Cargo and WorldACD, leading strategy consulting and data firms in air cargo. This time around, Gert-Jan is keen to create a similar opportunity for others to write their own story. He is passionate about air cargo, and quite simply enjoys solving complex problems.


Aerios’ vision is to connect air cargo charter professionals and carriers into a single digital workflow driven by real-time data. It is the first online platform to centralise air cargo charter operations and communications into a single tool. AI-driven data delivers actionable insights for better decision-making and market intelligence, enabling charter professionals, brokers, and carriers to connect and work together more efficiently and maximise revenue for all parties.


Simon Watson
Aerios Director

Simon developed a passion for aviation at an early age. He started to learn to fly at 13 and by 17 had gained his pilot’s licence – several months before passing his driving test. In 2019, he mixed this passion and his entrepreneurial flair to co-found CharterSync with the aim of creating a digital air cargo charter brokerage, he has since stepped away from CharterSync to found Aerios as part of CargoTech.

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