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March 11, 2024

Ryan Keyrouse appointed new CEO of Rotate


Ryan Keyrouse assumes CEO Position at Rotate as co-Founder Gert-Jan Jansen remains in the board as an executive director and senior advisor for client engagements.

Rotate, a leading software and strategy consulting company in the air cargo industry, announces the appointment of Ryan Keyrouse as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective March 1, 2024. Ryan, one of the co-founders of Rotate, steps into this role as Gert-Jan Jansen, the outgoing CEO, will remain in the board as executive director and senior advisor for client engagements.

Ryan Keyrouse co-founded Rotate alongside Gert-Jan Jansen with a mission to ‘turn data into action’ by developing and providing software products, strategy consulting and market data designed to empowering airlines, airports, and other air cargo companies in their commercial decision making. Since its inception in June 2022, Rotate has expanded its operations across two continents, now boasting a team of 35 professionals.

“We always envisioned a seamless transition in leadership when the time was right,” says Gert-Jan. “With the remarkable growth we’ve experienced in just 18 months, thanks to Ryan and the larger leadership team, the time for this change is now. As co-founder, I remain committed to contributing to Rotate’s continued success and am excited about the future we’re shaping together.”

As the newly appointed CEO, Ryan Keyrouse articulates his vision for Rotate’s future, stating, “Over the last two years, Rotate has established a robust foundation. The focus was on building the strongest team in air cargo for building data and software products, and expanding our capabilities with strategy consulting. Our products have garnered significant interest among our expanding customer base. Our focus now is on execution and ongoing innovation in collaboration with our partners – both those in industry and the other members of CargoTech.”

Ryan Keyrouse brings to Rotate over two decades of industry expertise, having undertaken more than 50 air cargo strategy consulting projects across 30 countries. His career journey includes pivotal roles at Boeing and KPMG, culminating in his tenure as Managing Director at Seabury Cargo since 2010.


About Rotate:

Rotate is helping the air cargo industry to make better commercial and strategic decisions. The company provides software products, market data, and strategy consulting to help the air cargo industry turn data into action. Rotate brings together a unique mix of air cargo experts, strategy consultants, and technology professionals to create real and practical solutions and strategies. The company targets all domains that drive the commercial performance of airlines: from sales optimization and dynamic pricing to revenue management, contract management and revenue leakage. For more information, visit:

Rotate is part of CargoTech. CargoTech’s mission is to encourage, facilitate, and accelerate the digital transformation of the air cargo industry. It aims to be a one-stop-shop, offering digital solutions for every air cargo business process, and providing best-in-class digital transformation consultancy services to air cargo stakeholders.

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