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September 12, 2022

CargoTech grows and welcomes its fourth member Rotate

Digital air cargo project CargoTech is growing with the addition of new Netherlands-based data intelligence company Rotate.

Founded on June 1, Rotate was established to provide air cargo data as well as support and training.

By adding Rotate to its portfolio of companies, CargoTech said it gains an increasingly important niche focus, to complement its “one-stop-shop”.

The investment Rotate receives from CargoTech is anticipated to allow it to build and develop solutions.

In addition, Rotate will be able to share and exchange technology skills and capabilities with Wiremind Cargo, CargoAi and ECS Group’s Cargo Digital Factory, plus cargo knowledge and networks.

Rotate currently consists of six cargo and technology experts and is looking to treble its workforce within the first year.

“Data is a valuable commodity and the basis for all business decisions, from quality to operational steering, market expansion and customer growth,” said Cedric Millet, president of CargoTech.

“Rotate is founded and run by Gert-Jan Jansen, who is former head of Seabury Cargo and as co-founder of WorldACD.

“Together with ex-Seabury colleagues and technology experts, he intends to develop Rotate into the leading firm providing commercial tools and solutions to improve day-to-day decision-making in air cargo. Rotate shares the digital future mindset of all our CargoTech members.”

Wiremind and ECS’ Cargo Digital Factory launched CargoTech earlier this year.

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