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July 5, 2022

CargoAi brings its digital ecosystem expertise to CargoTech

CargoAi has joined CargoTech, bringing its unique, cloud-native based online platform to the group. Under the CargoTech umbrella, it joins forces with ECS Group’s Cargo Digital Factory and Wiremind Cargo whose common objective is to digitise the air cargo industry.

“What CargoTech was missing in its portfolio until now, was an online distribution platform. CargoAi not only fills that gap as the world’s only cloud-native based, neutral, SaaS marketplace, but also brings the benefit of an expanded customer base” Cedric Millet, President of CargoTech, explains.

Cargo Digital Factory and Wiremind Cargo serve their (airline/GSA/GHA) customers’ internal processes, whereas CargoAi digitises the interface processes between freight forwarders and airlines or GSAs. “Given our extensive cross-sectional reach, we also see it as our responsibility to advocate for sustainability within the industry, both by developing products that promote a greener future, as well as by positioning ourselves as the sustainability experts within CargoTech,” Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi says.

Within CargoTech, CargoAi’s mission to connect airfreight actors through innovative, intelligent technology, can be brought to a wider audience. The individual CargoTech companies operate separately but coordinate their activities to offer complementary products aimed at digitising air cargo processes. As a member of CargoTech, CargoAi gains greater reach, shared marketing and communication resources, and a larger product spread to present to customers. Potential airline customers are offered three product portfolios instead of one, and benefit from having just one single contact capable of discussing a complete end-to-end digitalisation plan for their company.

“We thus gain even greater credibility as technological solution providers and, at the same time, have the freedom to focus solely on developing the part of the digital supply chain that is our core expertise, since the other CargoTech products complement ours. CargoTech also brings equity, which will considerably help us accelerate our development while remaining fully in control of the company and its direction” Matthieu Petot summarises.

CargoTech’s goal is to bring cargo business experts together with technology experts to fast track the air cargo industry’s digitalisation efforts. With CargoAi on board, CargoTech not only gains a unique and rapidly expanding marketplace provider, but also benefits from more innovation capabilities. “CargoAi has a number of interesting developments in the pipeline, and this is key if we want to accelerate the digital transformation of our industry.” Cedric Millet concludes.


About CargoTech

CargoTech’s mission is to encourage, facilitate, and accelerate the digital transformation of the air cargo industry. It aims to be a one-stop-shop, offering digital solutions for every air cargo business process, and providing best-in-class digital transformation consultancy services to air cargo stakeholders.

The combination of technology experts and air cargo industry experts, and the variety of solutions that CargoTech members offer, enable unique and tailored services to air cargo companies.

Composed of different, independently-operating companies, CargoTech offers its members a platform to coordinate their activities and create synergies with a view to accelerating the industry’s transformation. It also provides funding for the development of new and complementary products.

CargoTech is growing and currently consists of ECS Group’s Cargo Digital Factory, Wiremind Cargo, and CargoAi.


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