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Our mission is to encourage, facilitate, and accelerate the digital transformation of the air cargo industry.

CargoTech is a one-stop-shop that offers digital solutions for every air cargo business process and provides best-in-class digital transformation expertise and consultancy services to air cargo stakeholders.

CargoTech’s unique proposition combines the experience of both technology and air cargo industry experts, providing a variety of solutions that can be tailored to our clients in the air cargo sector.

Through our investments in several independently operating companies, CargoTech creates the environment where our members coordinate their activities and create synergies aimed at accelerating the industry’s transformation. We also provide funding for the development of new and complementary products.

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The launch of CargoTech signals the start of an unprecedented, holistic approach to transforming the air cargo industry, and our commitment to growing an innovation-focused community of digital experts.

CargoTech currently consists of five different companies: ECS Group’s Cargo Digital Factory, Wiremind Cargo, CargoAi, Rotate and Aerios. The companies complement each other by having their specific area of expertise and digital solutions. While they continue to operate as separate businesses, within CargoTech they coordinate their activities to ensure quick deliverables and complementary products.

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